Receive 10% off your next walk

We know that once you have experienced one of our walks you'll be hooked!

So if you've done a walk with us and then book another walk within 5 years, we'll give you 10% off your second walk - and any other walks you do in the future.

Simply tick 'Yes, I am an Ultimate Hikes Repeat Walker' as you complete the booking process. We'll verify your booking before we process your payment and send you confirmation.

Terms and Conditions

  1. We must be able to verify your previous booking before we can apply the 10% discount to your current booking.
  2. Your previous walk must have been within 5 years of the date you make your next booking.
  3. If your booking includes walkers who have not walked with Ultimate Hikes before, the discount will only be applicable to persons who have walked with Ultimate Hikes before.
  4. Your second booking must be made directly with Ultimate Hikes to receive the repeat walker discount. Bookings made via an authorised agent or reseller shall not be eligible for the discount.
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"Ultimate Hikes has it down to an art and it would be difficult to see how anyone could do it better."Peakbggr, (Trip Advisor), USA

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