What To Pack

Follow our list and you'll be ready for anything.

The following is a list of essential equipment that you are required to bring on your walk. Many items can be purchased at reasonable prices from the Ultimate Hikes Centre in Queenstown to reduce the need for you to carry them throughout your holiday.

Items that can be supplied free of charge by Ultimate Hikes can be collected at the pre-track briefing. There are plenty of backpacks for use so they do not need to be reserved. You can provide your own if preferred.

It is important that you are prepared for any weather conditions whilst on the track.


What to Pack

We can supply You will need to supply
40 ltr Backpack (weighs approx.2 kg) Walking Boot or Sturdy Shoes
Waterproof Raincoat with Hood
(weighs approx. 500gms)
Merino Wool or Polypropylene Thermal Underwear
Waterproof Backpack Liner Polar Fleece or Merino Wool Jacket
Micro Fleece or Merino Wool long-sleeved top
Sunhat, Warm Hat & Gloves
Short/ Walking Trousers
Merino Wool or Thermal Socks
Sunscreen, Insect Repellant, Water Bottle & Camera
We advise you only take one set of clothing to walk in. The more that is taken, the more that must be carried. All lodges have hand washing and drying facilities so clothing can be washed and dried overnight.

Evening Equipment

We can supply You will need to supply
Cotton Sleep Sheet for mulit share only
(weighs approx. 500gms)
Lightweight shirt or sweater
Lightweight trousers or track pants
Lightweight shoes or sandals
Personal toiletries
A change of clothes is required for the lodges and for sleeping but remember that the more that is taken, the heavier the pack is to carry. The lodges are very warm and therefore you only require lightweight clothing.

Optional Items

Walking Poles                                    
We strongly advise all walkers use walking poles, especially if you have difficulty walking up or down gradients.
Foot Fleece Advised to prevent blisters
Gaiters For extra foot protection during wet weather
Swin suit For the brave!
Spare Laces Just in case
Most of these items are available for purchase or hire from the Ultimate Hikes Centre.

We do not recommend you walk in cotton garments, jeans or silk thermals: perspiration means you are likely to feel damp and cold even inside the best raincoat.

We suggest you put all your clothing in plastic bags inside your pack liner for added rain protection. Keep your pack as light as possible while still taking the essentials. Remember hand laundry/drying facilities are available in the lodges and a lighter pack will enhance your experience!

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