Covid 19 red light framework for operations on the Milford and Routeburn Track guided walks. 

Please ensure we have confirmation of your vaccination against covid-19 at least 14 days prior to your departure.

 We have been doing a lot of work on our risk assessments, particularly in relation to Covid-19, and are following all government guidelines.  The traffic light system will be rolled out from the 3rd December and we have made the decision to operate as if we are in the red zone for the entire season.

We have done this to avoid confusion about the level restrictions as they may affect regions and where our walkers have travelled from, and to keep all our guests and staff as safe as possible while they are with us. We will only reassess the level if the whole country is on the same one.

We therefore want to remind you pre arrival of the protocols and how we will be operating them on track.  If you have any concerns please talk to guest services staff in Queenstown or your guides and we will do our best to manage them.


Red level protocols


All staff, contractors and guests are to stay home or self-isolate if they feel unwell.

All staff to be vaccinated

All guests to be vaccinated

Mask wearing

Masks are to be worn in the following locations:

·       On all vehicles – coaches & boats

·       Ultimate Hikes Centre

·       Briefing rooms

·       Lodge common areas (as you would in a bar/restaurant).

·       Cafes in Te Anau and Glenorchy

Physical distancing

Each walking group including guides will be considered close contacts – lodge staff will be casual contacts.

Practice good hygiene (hand washing, coughing into elbow)

Limit physical contact


If a case or a suspected case is identified on track we have extensive operating procedures in place to mitigate risks.  If one of your group tests positive for covid during or after your walk our contact tracing procedures will alert the Ministry of Health and you will be advised through them on how to proceed. 

We have had extensive discussion with the Southern DHB on protocols should a guest or staff member become unwell on track and we are confident we can manage the event as it arises with minimal disruption to the group.

Our business is unique in relation to its location and operation and we have done our best to develop operating procedures that will keep everyone as safe as possible.  We appreciate that the situation is ongoing and changeable, but we believe keeping a consistent level of safety is the only way we can all enjoy our season.

 Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you.

To read more about the Covid 19 Protection Framework click here.