Employment - Frequently Asked Questions

What positions are available?

The following positions are available for the operational season:

  • Guides
  • Lodge Managers
  • Lodge Cooks
  • Lodge Attendants/Cleaners 
  • Guest Services

What is the duration of my employment?

For most of our positions you will need to be available to work for the full season from 1 November 2022 – mid April 2023.

Training for seasonal contracts starts mid October.

Will I need a work visa?

Yes, if you are not a New Zealand or Australian resident.

For information about visas and work permits, please go to www.immigration.govt.nz. 

If you already hold a work visa for part of the season, we may require you to apply for a visa for the balance of the season before starting.

What will my job involve?

Please read the job description of the position you are applying for very carefully.  Lodge staff and guides will spend most of the season on the track, working in a remote environment for long periods of time. 

All the positions have a strong focus on hospitality.  You will be interacting with new people daily and your primary focus will be making sure our guests have an unforgettable experience throughout their time and interaction with us. 

All of the positions have a fixed routine and housekeeping duties.  These must be done to a consistently high standard alongside adapting to the various challenges that can arise daily.

Most of all, you must be prepared to adapt quickly and work collaboratively with a small team of people.  It is imperative that you have a self sufficient and can-do attitude to intuitively act in the best interests of your team and our guests.

Is training provided?

Yes, training will be in Queenstown and on track starting in mid October.  Specific training will be provided depending on the position.

Is food and lodging provided?

Yes, for track based staff. Food and lodging fees are payable by lodge staff while they are living and working on track.

Limited guide accommodation is available in Queenstown for guides whilst off the track for which rent is payable.

Is there time off?

Depending on the position there is limited time off during the season.

Milford Track Lodge Staff will be living at the remote lodges for around five weeks at a time, with regular days off. You will then be rostered a week off track.

Routeburn Track Lodge Staff will be living and working at the remote lodges for three weeks at a time followed by one week off track.

Guides have rostered trips during the season and can request days off.  But they must be prepared to work up to nine days consecutively.

Guest Services at Mitre Peak Lodge staff work on a roster system.

What can I do on my days off?

There are plenty of opportunities to undertake activities away from the lodges on time off, but please remember that everything you do must be safe. We are responsible for you when you are on track.  Please don’t be offended if we say no to something you want to do - your safety is paramount to us.