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Adjusting your pack and poles

Watch the videos to see Guide Rosie's advice.

It's a good idea to train for a multi day walk using poles and wearing a pack. A day pack is fine but it should carry a weight of about 5kgs to get used to carrying it.

Always check with your guide that your pack is properly fitted and that your poles are at the right height for the terrain.

Fit your pack properly

We can lend you a pack to use on your hike or you can bring your own.

Rosie shows how our packs can be fitted and the straps and buckles that provide a snug and comfortable fit.

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We strongly recommend walking with two poles.

We also recommend you train for your walk using poles. But if you don't have any, you can rent them from our Ultimate Hikes Centre.

How to adjust walking poles

Using poles takes a lot of pressure off your joints and help with balance over rocky terrain.

There is a correct way to adjust poles for safety and for the best support depending on the type of track and whether you are walking uphill or down.

Watch guide Rosie for some tips on adjusting poles.

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