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Follow these tips for a great walk experience.

Wherever you are walking there are some things you should know to keep safe and to respect others on the track with you.

Ultimate Hikes guide instructions

Our walks have a set of protocols that you must follow while on track.  These protocols are for your safety and that of the group you are walking with.

  • There is always a guide at the back of the group.  A couple will be within the group as they spread out and one will be at or near the front.  The back guide will always stay behind the last walker.  This is not to hurry you but for safety protocols.
  • If you leave the main track for a side walk, or any other reason, ALWAYS leave your pack on the side of the track so the back guide knows to wait for you.
  • Check in with guides at the lunch stops and along the way.

Enjoy the walk

  • Drink small amounts of water frequently
  • There’s always time for a snack break
  • Stop and look at the view – great excuse for a rest
  • Walk at a pace you can maintain throughout the day

Watch your step & dress for the weather

  • Walk straight through the mud/water on the track - do not rock hop to avoid getting your feet wet as this can be more dangerous than getting wet feet
  • Take your time on the uneven rocky surfaces or steeper terrain
  • Be prepared – carry spare warm layers and a waterproof jacket no matter what the weather forecast is.  Have a dry layer against your skin to keep you warm – change if required. 
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Respect people and place

  • Follow the orange track markers
  • Let people behind you past
  • Read the information provided eg signs/noticeboards
  • Carry all of your rubbish and food scraps until you can dispose of them in a rubbish bin
  • Stay on the track – some areas hold fragile vegetation that can be damaged easily by people walking across it
  • Use toilets provided or dig a hole to bury your waste, and make sure you are 50m from any water sources
  • Respect that other people might want to enjoy nature in peace
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Watch the Tiaki Promise - our commitment to caring for people and place.