13 February 2020
We are delighted to announce that we are resuming our guided walk operation on the Milford Track from Monday 17th February 2020. The first briefing will be held on Sunday 16th February at 4.45pm.
A formal assessment of the track between Glade Wharf and Boatshed has proven it is safe to walk through the track as normal to Quintin Lodge, including traversing Mackinnon Pass. There has been no damage to these sections of track.
On day four of the walk, we will be walking to Boatshed which is at the 26mile/40km mark on the track. From there we will provide a helicopter transfer to the spectacular Milford Sound.
We are confident that by the time the first group reaches Milford Sound the road will be open and the groups will transfer by bus to Queenstown as normal.
We are monitoring the weather pattern due to cross Fiordland on Sunday and Monday, and based on our experience, this won’t have a significant impact on the first walks going out as the first night is at the start of the track, and this section is also the least likely to be impacted by the weather. The weather is due to move off by Tuesday.
We are working closely with DOC to assess and fix the sections of the track that are currently impassable including a large slip and a bridge wash out. As sections are approved as safe to walk, we will be extending the length we can walk before providing a helicopter transfer, until the full track is able to be walked.
We have also had some encouraging news about the Routeburn Shelter end of the Routeburn Track and our guides are going out on Friday to assess the track. We will be able to provide an update about their findings on Monday 17th February.
We are very excited to be back up and operating on the Milford Track and again, we sincerely appreciate your patience during this time.