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Hiking to Sutherland Falls -  Milford Track
J Smith, Ontario Canada

"Just completed the Milford Track today absolutely fantastic experience. Excellent guides will recommend to everyone. Thanks Kelly, Melissa and Thomas you guys were awesome."


Every year we recruit and train over 70 guides to work at Ultimate Hikes.  Many of them return for multiple seasons.  All of them are passionate about the environment and have a strong focus on people and their wellbeing.

They come to us with a variety of personal and professional skills, from New Zealand and all over the world.  The diversity of their cultures, knowledge and experience are what makes each walk different yet the essence of their passion is what makes us a team.

Health & Safety

All the guides have first aid certificates as a minimum and are more fully trained for the environment they are working in - to treat simple complaints such as sprains and blisters.

They are always in communication range via radio with each other, the lodges and our Queenstown base and are quick to react to any situation.


Local knowledge of the flora and fauna, history and the environment are learnt and built up so that even if the guide you ask is unsure of an answer they will know how to find it.

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