Health and Fitness

How fit do I really need to be?

Our walks are neither easy nor difficult as each walker will have a different experience or expectation depending upon previous experience and fitness level. They are a challenge which people of all ages and abilities will enjoy.

To enjoy your experience, you need to be able to carry a backpack (5-7kg/10-14lbs) for 4-8 hours over 10-21km (6-13miles) of sometimes uneven track each day. We encourage everyone to walk at their own pace, it is not a race and we want you to enjoy it. There is no pressure to keep up with the fastest walkers and there is always a guide at the rear of the group.

The track surface varies from smooth, well formed paths to rough terrain broken by rocks & tree roots. There are steep rocky downhill sections and you may have to cross small streams and wade in deep water after heavy rain. We recommend that you wear hiking boots, which provide firm ankle support. Walking poles are also recommended and available for hire.

A reasonable level of fitness is required and if you are not a regular walker, we recommend that you begin a daily walking regime 6-8 weeks prior to departure. You should gradually increase the distance that you walk, carrying a backpack.  Staircase or hill-climbing will leave you better prepared.

For more information and suggestions to prepare for your walk click here

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